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Election Day May 5, 2018

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Like most residents in Flower Mound, I used to be busy with my career, family, social life and did not follow town hall matters closely. I trusted that our elected officials would look out for the town and its residents, after all they lived here and would want the best for the town. During the Fall of 2014, a developer proposed building 720 apartments on 30 acres of land by my home. The majority of the land was master planned for low density, 15,000+ square foot plus lots, zoning that I relied on when I bought my home in 2005. At that point I joined an alliance of like minded neighbors to fight the planned development. At the same point I began to attend both Town Council and Planning and Zoning Meetings. I then realized how little I knew and yet how important it was to follow what was going on at town hall. I began to attend every Planning and Zoning and Town Council Meeting to learn and become more involved. Along the way I also attended other meetings such as ECC, Parks and Transportation. During 2015, I applied for a seat on a town board. I was appointed to The Board of Adjustments/Oil and Gas Appeals Board and have continued to serve on that board to the current day. In 2016 I attended the Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy and upon graduation became a member of the Citizen’s Public Safety Patrol. This year will graduate from the town’s Citizen’s Academy. With each of these experiences, I have gained insight into the town and how it operates as well as developing relationships with other residents.

So why I am running for Town Council Place 4, especially since I lost the election 2 years ago? For one, I am a better candidate, having learned more about the town in the past 2 years. And the main issues that caused me to run 2 years ago still exist…managing growth, future parks and amenities, ensuring that resident’s views are heard and ensuring that our property taxes are as low as possible, I’d like to expand on each of these issues.  Please see my "On the Issues" page.

I ask for your vote. If you like what I represent in a candidate, please consider donating to my campaign via the “Contribute” button. If you would like a yard sign, please use the “Contact” across the top menu.

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